Blue Orchid

A Narrative thriller

In Blue Orchid, Take part in a brand new interactive thriller, featuring an exciting story and a cast of compelling characters!
Investigate, make wise choices, find out who they are and what is happening.
And maybe you will finally understand the truth behind everything…

Blue Orchid is an episodic game, we are working hard on bringing you the entire story through future updates.

Please enjoy the first chapter now!

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What to expect in the future

More chapters to come

Blue Orchid won’t be told in a single chapter. We are already working on bringing you the entire story with future chapters.

Writing with the community

Making choices in the game is the definition of a narrative game. A game “You are the hero”.

But that is even better when your decisions are shaping the story. We want to write Blue Orchid with you. We want to build a community which will shape the story.

Come hang on Discord, talk with us. Lets decide the future of Narrative Games.

More narrative games

Blue Orchid is our first Narrative Game. But like you, we love Narrative Games and we want to do more.

Do not hesitate to come to our Discord. It will be a pleasure to speak with you about our next game. We want to hear your thoughts!


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